It’s no secret: the television news world is competitive. News Directors and Managers will often sort through hundreds of aspiring reporters and qualified candidates just to fill a single position. You spent days crafting your resume reel. You put your heart and dreams into it. The sad reality is the people making the hiring decisions frequently only watch a few seconds of most reels before moving on to the next. Make sure your reel doesn’t end up in the trash bin!

I’ll show you how to stand out and rise above the rest.

Journalist Services

Free 15-minute introduction call!

Before you spend a dime, let’s talk about your personal goals and situation. I’ll tell you how we can craft a personalized session to benefit you the most.

Comprehensive Resume Reel Review:

Your Resume Reel is your MOST IMPORTANT component to growing your career. The quality of your reel will either make or break your chances of getting that next big job you want.

With a comprehensive resume reel review we go through your reel piece by piece, breaking down:

  • Your stand-up and live-shot opening montage
  • Your full packages and reports
  • What should you cut? What should you replace?
  • What are you missing? What should you re-edit?

We will help you highlight your strengths, and remove the mistakes and elements you don’t know are making you look bad. I CAN EVEN EDIT YOUR REEL FOR YOU.

Resume Reel Reviews includes 3 parts:

After you send me your reel and I go through it, we will setup a time to talk: either over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or a normal call. I will give my full analysis with written notes, and tell you what we should fix.

You send me a collection of your live shots, stand-ups, packages, anchoring moments, etc. I want to see it all. We will create a whole new layout for your reel. It will be catchier, cleaner, tighter, and more professional in every way to get you noticed.

If necessary, I will coach you through creating brand new content to add to your reel (ie. new stand-ups/live shots, and new or re-edited packages). We don’t stop improving your reel until it’s the best it can be and we’re all happy. After this session your resume reel will be ready to send out to job openings.

$399 for students /
$499 for working broadcasters

Talent Coaching (via Phone or Video Call)

  • Tailored help and advice to get you the big market job you want
  • Master your live-shots
  • Find your professional TV “look”
  • Write better stories & shoot better video
  • Improve your speaking voice
  • Getting promoted
  • …and much, much more.

You send me examples of your work before our session so I can create a coaching session personalized to your specific needs. We can focus on on whatever you want.

$99 per 1-hour session (Students) /
$149 per 1-hour session (working broadcasters)

In-Person Coaching

Sometimes nothing beats one-on-one time face to face. In-person coaching is available to those in the Los Angeles area.

  • Practice simulated Live Shots
  • Master the teleprompter
  • Learn anchoring techniques the pros use
  • Recorded on video for you to review

$599 3-hour session (students) /
$799 3-hour session (working broadcasters)