Whether you’re trying to land that first TV job, or looking to move up to a bigger market or better position, I can make you a stronger contender.

I coach television news reporters and anchors, as well as anyone who works on-camera, on how to be exciting, informative, and authentic. From newbies to experienced veterans, we all have room to improve. When we’re done, you’ll see a notable increase in your confidence and skill. And trust me, your co-workers and bosses will too!

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Steve Kuzj

Steve is a multi-Emmy Award winning reporter, anchor, photographer, television host, and voice-over artist. Currently you can watch him on NewsNation and in New York City on PIX 11, and yes, occasionally you can catch him acting in TV shows and movies. He grew up in Minnesota camping, fishing, and practicing martial arts. In high school he found his love for telling stories and started working for local TV and news organizations.

For more than a decade Steve has been on-air in top markets, from the East Coast to the West Coast. He knows what it takes first-hand to get ahead in the TV news world. Whether it’s public speaking, breaking news, celebrity entertainment, sports, interviews, or whatever else; Steve has done it, and can help you do it better.

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